MARCUS GARVEY (1887-1940).

Jamaican born-black  right activist and a devoted proponent of the Black nationalism and Pan -Africanism movements, founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African communities league (UNIA-ACL), founder of the Black Star Line, which promoted the return of the African Diaspora to their ancestral land.
Garvey established UNIA in 1914 to help organizing black people for the race war they were facing. The underlying objectives  of  UNIA which were informed  by Garvey worldview were as follows:-  To establish a Universal confraternity among the race.To promote the spirit of race pride and love.To reclaim the fallen raceTo promote a conscientious Christian worship among the native tribes of Africa.To establish universities, colleges and secondary schools  to further the education and culture of the boys and girls of the race.To conduct a worldwide commercial and industrial intercourse. Despite of the underlying challenges, criticism an…
A peaceful African evening. 
 The moment you find elders sitting on traditional chair, telling the tales, myths and folklore to pass knowledge to the next generation. The stories and tales told always have a lesson to be learnt by the young lions and lioness  surrounding the gray -headed old man or woman..
 Then, before sleeping its a time to dance around fire like an epic born fire at the midnight inside the jungle. Barbecue and local brew are at constant supply.

Today's African Proverb: Good music goes with good food.

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Music by Sadio Toumani Diabate from SENEGAL


Song by Salif Keita -AFRICA. There are more than 3000 tribes in Africa speaking more than 2000 different languages, that span from Cape town, South Africa to Alexandria in Egypt. Every tribe has its own peculiar culture, that is from the food, dress, dance, rituals and even how disputes are settled within a particular tribe. Despite the differences, there still commonalities found within the cultures of African people, for instance Bantu people share a lot of words when using their mother tongues (indigenous languages). Also African people share certain set of believes and values, Africa has an embracing culture which helps its sons and daughters identify themselves  as one. AFRICAN CULTURE IS RICH AND OFFERS A LOT OF POTENTIALS TO HUMAN KIND.